Thursday August 28th 2014


Dane Drewis – Rock & Soul Dane Drewis – Rock »

Born in to a long line of musicians that range from his grandfather, a classical composer in the [...]

Tiana: Butterfly in the Snow Tiana: Butterfly in the Snow »

“Butterfly in the Snow is pianist/composer Tiana’s debut CD, and what an auspicious beginning it is! [...]

Bill Walker: Age of Discovery Bill Walker: Age of Discovery »

Bill Walker's first recording of his own musical compositions performed with Walker on the piano...set a [...]


Bill and Meghan Vlog Take 1

Bill and Meghan Vlog Take 1

So we have decided to finally get our butts and throw in a little more random videos for your viewing pleasure! We shot an impromptu first video in the middle of Boarders Books with a handful of curious people who probably though we were crazy. While that might have been new for Bill, that is pretty much a daily experience for me (Meghan).

Bill Walker & Scott D. Davis 4-Hand Dueling Piano Improv

Bill Walker & Scott D. Davis 4-Hand Dueling Piano Improv

This is the only YouTube video I have of myself playing the piano.  Scott and I were planning our concert and he suggested that we play a duet.  So I came up with a chord progression and told Scott what key it would be in.  Then at the end of our show we played our improv.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy it.

Meghan’s Weather Report

Meghan’s Weather Report

A main road near my office I just happen to flood allowing me to debut my weather reporting skills. I did not have my Flip, but thankfully I did have my IPhone and was able to report at the scene of the disaster! I obviously am not cut out to be a weather reporter!!! And, as you can see… the passing cars were not enjoying my reporting as much [...]

Guest Columnists

The Best Laid Plans »

Honestly, I had full intentions of having a new blog ready (by April 2nd)to be posted on Tuesday, April 6th. So, this is what happened that got in the [Read More]


Joel D Canfield: The Commonsense Entrepreneur Joel D Canfield: »

I am an author. I write books about life, masquerading as business books. It seems [...]

A. K. Buckroth: My Diabetic Soul, An Autobiography A. K. Buckroth: My »

Diagnosed with diabetes in 1959 at the age of two, the resultant fifty years with this [...]

David R Christensen: The Grinning Buddha David R »

David R Christensen writes books for children.  He is also a guest writer for The Bill [...]